Reclaim Your Life !


Reclaim Your Life!

Medication-assisted Treatment Makes an Impact!

Through the use of proper medication such as suboxone for opiate withdrawal symptoms, our patients recover and live healthy lives.

 Our Mission

End Opiate Addiction One Willing Patient at a Time!

You Are More Than a Conqueror

Our patients through proper medication, case management, individual and group counseling empower themselves to be highly productive and experience tremendous success in their recovery and lives.

You Are Not a Statistic

Our patients break down walls, overcome triggers, reclaim their lives and restore their health. We encourage our patients to take full advantage of all treatment programs offered to complete their treatment plan and achieve their goals.

Group and Individual Therapy Makes a Difference!

We explore and uncover the root causes of addiction, empowering patients to overcome the triggers that cause them to feel they need to use a substance. We then work through the underlying issues that led to their addiction. Together, we set attainable goals and develop action plans that set the up for success. 


Our Patients Are Treated Like Family Members. We love them. We protect our patients anonymity by using substitute pictures. 

Grateful Patient Brian P.

Restore Health answered my call, lined me up with a physician the same day. I started their MAT/IOP program and my life has been getting better and better. Thank you Restore Health. I am truly grateful

Grateful Patient Brian P.

I called out of desperation. I could not continue using but didn’t know how to stop. It was about 3:30 in the morning when I finally decided to change my life. Part of me was hoping no one would answer but Matthew answered, talked me through the process and I started to heal the next day!

Appreciated Patient – Mary H.

Mary came to us desperate to make a change. She worked her tail off in individual and group therapy and because of her efforts, she is still clean, working and taking care of her family. We are so proud!

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