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Meet Addiction Treatment Team at Restore Health KY, INC – Holistic Healing Center

At Restore Health KY, INC – Holistic Healing Center, we are all about healing the body, mind, and soul. How do we do it? 

We have the best team to help us with our mission to help all our patients and offer a chance to turn a new leaf to a healthier, happier life. So before we get into the dream team, here is what Restore Health KY, INC offers:

  • Core skills: communication, goal setting.
  • Personal skills: anger management, stress management, self-care, and exercise.
  • Professional skills: school and work-related.
  • Social-like skills: recreational, sexual, and assertive communication with others.
  • Life skills to avoid relapse: health coping mechanisms, and survival tips without substance abuse.

Lexington Suboxone Clinic Near MeThese are but a few of the things that we help. Contact us today and set up a consultation session.

Our team

  • Kevin T. Coughlin: Our admission director


Our Admission Director is a team player and a scholar who wants nothing but the best for outpatients. His friendly yet firm stand has seen many addicts walk in hopeless and walks out, standing tall ready to start a new life with hope and confidence.

Dr. Coughlin has decades of life experience, education, and work-related experience; yet, wisdom is possibly the most valuable asset he possesses that sits atop his great resume.

Suboxone clinic near me lexingtonYou can contact him at www.the for any type of addiction or recovery help, including Interventions, Professional Recovery Coaching, Family Recovery Coaching, Sober Escort, Life Coaching, Speaking or Consultant, Content Writing, Relapse Prevention, Case Management, Christian Coaching, Anger Management, Addiction Prevention, Writing Services, and much more.

  • Sarah Merritt: Our Medical Director and Partner

With a vast medical background in addiction and rehabilitation, Dr. Sarah oversees all medical operations at Restore Health KY, INC – Holistic Healing Center. 

Dr. Merritt is the founder and owner of Lifestream Health Center and a board-certified addictionologist and pain management specialist.

Lexington Suboxone Clinic – Saving lives DAILY! 

Dr. Merritt and Dr. Coughlin cannot possibly do it alone. And that is why they have an experienced team of caregivers like medics and nurses that attend to the patients day in day out.

They all hold certificates in dealing with any issue a patient may walk in with. Each team player has dedicated their lives to ensure that they have the patient’s best interest at heart and ultimately heal and transform to the best version of themselves.

Give us a call today! 888-480-7274

Reach us today via our website or give us a call so that one of our practitioners can help you become better!

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