Our Admissions Process

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Welcome to CompServ Health Resources & Restore Health KY!

Our program starts and ends with you. Our program consists of weekly, bi-weekly and monthly physician visits, individual counseling, group therapy and targeted case management all done from the safety of home via telehealth.

We are available Monday thru Friday 9am to 6pm and may have on call physicians, clinicians and certified interventionists and recovery coaches available to assist in an immediate crisis situation.

To qualify for our program, you must be a Kentucky resident, have a government issued picture ID, Kentucky insurance, or you have the ability to self-pay. (MUST HAVE AN EMAIL ON FILE AND BE ABLE TO ACCESS INTERNET)

The first thing that you will need to do, is fill out your intake paperwork. The first form is the INTAKE PACKET, fill out all of the questions, upload your picture ID, and the front and back of your insurance card, sign where requested and submit the form. The second form is the TREATMENT AGREEMENT, fill out, sign and submit. Last is your daily GROUP THERAPY SIGN UP for group therapy, fill out the form, sign, and submit.

Once you fill out and submit the intake paperwork, you will then be scheduled for an appointment for an initial screening to make sure you are an appropriate candidate for our PHP/IOP/OP Program and that we are the absolute best treatment option for you. Once that determination has been made, then an initial assessment with our clinical team followed by an appointment with our medical team be be provided to discuss medication management options.

You will be attending groups on the application called ZOOM, download the Zoom app on your computer or phone.

Every meeting can be accessed using this link located on the GROUP THERAPY page or by the Group Therapy Calendar below.

Choose the group time and copy and paste the ZOOM meeting link url into your browser and join the meeting.

Please mute your audio when not speaking to avoid distracting background noise.

Our Discharge Policy – If a patient misses two scheduled doctor appointments, does not attend “ASSIGNED” Group Therapy Sessions and or does not submit a sample for urine analysis, our policy is to suspend them from the program and allow them to reapply after 90 days.

Lexington Suboxone ClinicFor support filling out the forms or setting up the technology, please ask for help. We are here to assist you. (CLICK HERE) Intake Coordinator Kevin Coughlin, Ph.D.

Anyone outside of Lexington or Louisville must use LABCORP. Anyone in Lexington or Louisville MUST use the office. Address below. You, the patient are responsible for submitting a Drug Test EVERY WEEK at (CLICK HERE) the closest LabCorp. Prior to submitting your first test, please call the number below so we can upload your information into the LabCorp system.

Failure to submit a drug test EVERY WEEK will result clinical discharge. We currently have the Louisville & Lexington office open from 2:00 PM to 6:30 PM. We are located at 252 East High Street. The entrance is located on the same side as Stone Ave. We are located on the left side of the road, just before the YMCA and about 250 feet from main bus terminal downtown Lexington.

Louisville office is located 101 North 7th St, Louisville, KY 40202


Once admitted to the program – THIS IS THE ONLY NUMBER YOU WILL NEED to store in your phone for CompServ Health Resources. By calling this number, you get access to our clinical team to assist you with appointments, follow ups, labs, etc. 888-751-3730. Our fax number is 502-792-9184

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