Ketamine-assisted Therapy

Can Ketamine and Suboxone be used together?

Medicines meant to help people can sometimes cause problems if they are misused or get
addicted to them. Both Ketamine and Suboxone have valuable purposes, but they must be used
under expert supervision to ensure the individual’s safety and well-being.

What happens when it works together?

When these two drugs are used together, they should be provided by a medical expert.
Ketamine and Suboxone should never be mixed on their own. Many Suboxone clinics and
Ketamine therapy providers have the expertise to know how to administer the medications for
the benefit of specific patients.

Only a few Suboxone Doctors are knowledgeable in this field. Doctors also suggested using
Suboxone(buprenorphine) for medication-assisted therapy, especially for treating chronic pain.
And Only a few telehealth in the United States know how to administer Suboxone safely and
effectively as a first-line treatment.

While, Ketamine can aid with the withdrawal symptoms of drugs like buprenorphine. According
to one study, patients who were taking buprenorphine for pain management responded to
ketamine treatment with a rapid improvement in suicidal thoughts.

Can Ketamine and Suboxone be used together?
The study shows that the effects of Ketamine Infusion Therapy on suicide thoughts were not
blocked by buprenorphine. Suicidal ideation in the individuals diminished after the first
ketamine therapy and disappeared after the second session while on buprenorphine. The
researchers found that ketamine treatment might be safely administered to people with
substance use disorders or chronic pain while on Suboxone in a controlled and professionally
monitored setting.

Final Words

There are a lot of Suboxone and Ketamine clinics available for your safe and healthy recovery.
Their effective treatment method comprises a variety of therapies such as meditation, talk
therapy, psychedelic-assisted therapy, exercise, and diet.
We understand that it can be challenging to choose where to start, but we are here to help you
with the best we can to provide you with well-researched information so that you will be able
to make any decision for yourself confidently.

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