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Heroin to Suboxone to Ketamine to Nature

When the 8% to 12% success rate produced nationally by inpatient addiction rehabilitation centers, most of which teach an Abstinence-only model, addiction treatment professional must look for healthier alternatives. As a nation, we are losing 100,000 + people every single year. Harm reduction, also known as medication-assisted treatment consists of counseling and medication. Subutex was one of the medications used for helping relieve opiate withdrawal symptoms. However due to the abuse of the medication, Suboxone began to be used and more accepted among doctors. Today, MAT or Medication-Assisted Treatment is now considered to be the New Gold Standard for the treatment of opiate addiction.

At Restore Health KY, INC we choose to work with local Lexington Suboxone Doctors and Suboxone Clinics. We also work with Ketamine infusion therapy doctors and Ketamine Therapy Clinic in Lexington, KY. Ketamine infusions along with Ketamine therapy or counseling services is proving to show tremendous results with clients reporting reduced depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol relapse, and trouble with falling asleep and or staying a sleep. Some Ketamine therapy participants report a spiritual or mystical experience giving them a great sense of well-being and purpose. Many Ketamine doctors are now prescribing infusions for helping veterans with PTSD. Post traumatic stress disorder affects 100’s of 1000’s of our military men and woman. Many advocates for our Veterans are asking for less narcotics, less anti-depressants and more healthy alternatives Ketamine infusions.

Many Veterans are testifying that their Ayahuasca experiences are life-changing and they no longer feel attached to the traumatic events that kept them tormented by compulsive thinking and sleepless nights. We encourage people to explore all paths that may be available to them as all roads lead to THE GREAT PHYSCIAN. Kambo is a legal practice. It is a frog secretion that is used to help people detoxify their bodies from toxins. It is said to not be the most enjoyable process however, many report feeling more grounded, more at one with themselves and others and many reported that they began to eat better and respect their bodies more. This resulted in greater confidence and self-esteem. Many benefited with promotions at work and new friendships and romantic encounters. Could this really come from a healing process called Kambo? Restore Health KY, INC supports all healthy paths available to people who are sick and suffering and may die without them.

If you have any questions about Suboxone Treatment or Ketamine Therapy, please call 888-480-7274

If you have questions about Kambo, we have found a resource here.

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