Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Ketamine as the Treatment of ASTHMA

Asthmatic patients need efficient treatment to control asthma attacks, speed up recovery, and reduce their mortality. Therefore, the researchers investigated the therapeutic efficacy of Ketamine infusions in individuals with acute asthma attacks.

In Asthma, many controlling or preventive drugs such as steroids, inhaled beta-agonists and anticholinergic, and short-acting theophylline are suggested for the treatment. But the Researchers say that Ketamine is a safe and predictable sedative and has analgesic, and anti-emetic effects. Therefore it can be prescribed in an emergency without many monitoring devices.


Benefits of Using Ketamine Infusion Therapy


–         Ketamine Therapy has a life of 2-4 hours, is rapidly absorbed, penetrates the blood-brain barrier, and affects the central nervous system.


– It’s also a bronchodilator, and a low dose has been recommended for use as an inductive agent in asthma patients undergoing rapid sequence intubation.


–          It protects the airways and respiratory reflexes while leaving the cardiovascular system unaffected.


–         The crucial thing to remember about this medicine is that it has no sedative effects at lesser dosages, but it can cause apnea and laryngospasm at greater doses.


As you all know that Asthma is one of the world’s most frequent chronic diseases. Its symptoms range from a wheezing sound to airway obstruction, depending on the location of the patients.

Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Severe Asthma can result in respiratory failure and the need for a ventilator. Because of its benefits for bronchial airway stability, Ketamine has been proposed as an inductive agent in asthma patients in numerous investigations.


Because of its serial injection, it will provide a better result. Ketamine Relieves Asthma and restores health by increasing respiratory rate and oxygen pressure while decreasing CO2 pressure simultaneously.


If you also want to cure your Asthma, try consulting and make an appointment ASAP!

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