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When searching for a Ketamine Clinic to begin Ketamine Infusion Therapy it’s important that the clinic you decide to work with emphasizes the importance of the set and setting. You may have never heard of this terminology before so allow me to clarify. The “set” is the patient’s mindset going into the session. The “setting” is your environment that you will be in during your session. Having a calm and positive set and setting is crucial for receiving the most benefits from your Ketamine Infusion.

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It’s natural to feel a bit nervous and anxious before a Ketamine Infusion session however there are simple practices that you will want to begin adopting prior to your session that will help you during your session and will promote an overall positive experience. You will want to enter a session with a positive mindset. You will want to release any fear that you may have and allow yourself to trust the medicine and the trained healthcare professional that will be there with you. Spending time focusing on your reason why, your intention, your desired outcome for the Ketamine Infusion prior to arrival will help you to remain focused and calm during the session. Adopt a simple meditation practice and spend time out in nature. Even if you don’t have a meditation practice in place, simply sitting in a quiet place, preferably in nature, focusing on your breath entering and leaving your nostrils, filling your lungs is a great way to start. Perhaps getting out a journal and jotting down any thoughts or feelings that arise. Arriving at your session with a mindset of surrender, trust, and love is very important.

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The environment of where the Ketamine Infusion will take place is just as important. The setting should be very calm and relaxing. It should feel very light and positive. Which is why we collaborate with Ketamine Doctors and Clinics in Lexington, KY, we ensure that the lights are dimmed, the room temperature is comfortable, and we utilize soft, relaxing instrumental music to induce a positive atmosphere. You will be further comforted knowing that trained healthcare professionals are with you throughout the entire infusion, along with continuous oxygen, pulse, & cardiac rhythm monitoring.

Your Ketamine Infusion session can be transformational so it’s crucial to have the right mindset and be in a safe, tranquil setting when receiving your infusions. At Restore Health KY, INC Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program, we have consciously designed our treatment protocols and environment to serve you at the highest level in your journey of healing! Reach out to our team of professionals today to get started on your Ketamine Infusion Therapy!

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