online suboxone doctor appointment

Online Suboxone Doctor and Substance Abuse Treatment Services

At Restore Health KY, INC we provide a medication-assisted treatment program that is 100% Telehealth. All our suboxone doctors are seen online and counseling services provided also online only. We do not provide any in-person services and we use Lab Corp for weekly drug testing or urine analysis. For more information about online suboxone doctor appointments, please call us today at 888-480-7274. Restore Health KY, INC works alongside of the Suboxone doctors and only provides counseling services. In addition, we are fully holistic and work with providers of Kambo to help with natural detoxification as well as other plant medicine advocates.

Clinic Provides Online Appointment with Suboxone Doctors

Heroin and other opiates are destroying our communities and our families while filling jails and prisons and only encouraging more of this insanity. There have been no real breakthrough until now. Suboxone was designed to be a 7 to 10 day detox medicine used to reduce the withdrawal symptoms from heroin abuse or opiate abuse. However, because some found it just as useful as prescribing Oxycontin and made people start using this medicine for months at a time. Now, we have people using Suboxone for 5 –  10 years and are physically and mentally addicted to the drug. That is not the way of Restore Health KY, INC nor any of it’s partners!

Plant Medicines Are The Way – We Encourage Holistic Path

There are many plant medicine advocate that are out there that can provide plant medicine retreats or ceremonies for Ayahuasca. Here is one that we have worked with in the past that has always helped the people we have seen in miraculous ways Kambo Detox Near Me which is located in Alabama

If you or a loved one is suffering from heroin addiction and needs an online suboxone doctor in Kentucky, please give us a call today 888-480-7274. We are happy to help you and if we can not, we will assist you finding someone that can help you.

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