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Online Substance Abuse Counseling Provides Unique Opportunities

Today, we are finding that the person addicted to substances is not only dealing with drug addiction and alcoholism but at times severe mental health illnesses such as Bi-polar disorder even a secondary addiction such as Gambling could be present. It is important now more than ever that we are embracing the online counseling services model as well as the 12 step or support groups now available. In The Rooms is one organization that provides daily support groups for opiate addiction, sex addiction, cocaine addiction and gambling as well as the AA and NA groups.

Online Substance Abuse Counseling Services with Suboxone

Although our medication-assisted treatment center utilizes outside professionals for medical, we do work closely with each doctor and nurse to ensure counseling services are aligned with all medication protocols and counseling services are in place to ensure compliance. We have found that medication without counseling is less effective and does not enable the majority of people the necessary time required for them to balance their lives out.  Opiate addiction has been the number one public enemy. This is largely due to the lack of responsibility surrounding the prescription Oxycontin. The FDA and the doctors suddenly stopped prescribing and left millions addicted to opiates. Suboxone came after methadone and that has been around for decades. Have we made any real progress?

Holistic Treatment Models and Alternative Therapy Options

Plant Medicines, Native American Churches and Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy is Now Main Stream

While many of the leading treatment centers are all gearing up for Ketamine therapy, we encourage people to do what is best for them and to always try organic or non-chemical routes first. We have worked alongside of some alternative medicine practitioners in the past that have offered numerous ways to be free from trauma such as EMDR or herbs and other natural plants. There are also Kambo practitioners and Native American Ministers that provide sacred ceremonies using Ayahuasca, Psilocybin, Bufo and other Spirit Teacher Plant Medicines. For information, please reach out to Kambo Detox Near Me.


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