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Opiate Addiction is Destroying Communities and Family

Suboxone is a medication being prescribed to assist people who find themselves physically addicted to opiates such as Oxycontin or Fentanly. Addiction to these prescriptions can lead people into a life where they find themselves physically dependent on opioids and at this point, it no longer becomes about treating symptoms and becomes more of daily attachment even to the point of enslavement. Oxycontin was being prescribed for a decade. The powers that be decided to take the opiate off the market. However, this caused millions of people to turn to other sources, many of them becoming addicted to heroin. Today, 100,000 or more people die from opiate overdoses. When does this nightmare end? When will people wake up to the fact that these pharmaceutical companies and the doctors pushing these dangerous drugs really do not care about the patient, just the bottom-line? 

Addiction is Destroying Countless Lives – All in the Name of Profit 

In 2001 there was a doctor in Jupiter, Florida that was prescribing Oxycontin and was charged with the death of 6 people. Do you know that his sentence was 5 years? That is less than one year for taking the lives of 6 human beings. This of course being the tip of the iceberg as you can imagine there were others. We can only assume that many of his patients found themselves highly addicted to his medications and turned to heroin only to overdose and die later. However, the ripple effects are not usually seen and that is one of the key reasons we treat symptoms in today’s healthcare model and not root causes which most times is diet and our spiritual life. 

Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy is Show Promise

There are healthy alternatives to Suboxone or Ketamine such as Psilocybin. More than ever people are turning to the Sacred Mushroom to explore micro-doing routines to booth their health and wellness. Kambo is a legal medicine that is us to help detox the body by cleaning out the cells so they can reproduce healthy cells. Unlike chemotherapy medications, Kambo goes into the cell, removes toxins including post traumatic stress new studies show. The medicine is organic and the body accepts the medicine fully. Spirit is within the plants and Kambo and it is very important to explore participating in Sacred Sacrament Ceremonies before simply going to see a doctor who has little to know actual experience working with the Plant Spirit Teacher Medicines Ayahuasca, Psilocybin, Bufo Alvarius, and Kambo. For more information about Plant Medicine ceremonies, please visit Kambo Detox Near Me today! 

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