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Psychedelic Therapy Lexington Kentucky

Sometimes referred to as PAP therapy, psychedelic-assisted therapy is the process of ingesting a psychedelic substance as part of treatment.

In this therapy, psychedelic is usually combined with talk therapy. So, if you are looking for lasting positive change, it’s important to visit a psychedelic-assisted therapy center in Lexington. This center will also help you combat addiction, chronic PTSD, depression, and other mental disorders.

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How it Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Works

Once you visit the visit, will evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment, exact dosing, number of treatments needed, and the approach that suits you well

  1. Consultation

The first step towards this therapy is a preparatory consultation to ensure you are getting the right therapy. You also get to discuss your background and any concerns you may have about psychedelic therapy.

  1. Ingestion

This step involves getting injected or ingesting orally the psychedelic medicine. Depending on the psychedelic-assisted treatment plan, there are multiple sessions, including;

Currently, in Kentucky, Ketamine Therapy is the only legal options unless you visit a Native American Church and attend a Sacred Sacraments Ceremony under the careful watch of a NAC Minister or Medicine Man.

  1. Integration

Integration involves working together with therapists at a Psychedelic-assisted therapy center while integrating the psychedelic experiences.


While there are several concerns stemming from the potential contamination of substances, you can avoid this with careful supervision during the administration. Overall, psychedelic medicines are generally considered low risk, especially when used in a hospital setting.

MDMA can sometimes lead to increased heart rate, short-term high blood pressure, and increased elevated body temperature, but these tend to go away after a few minutes. Psilocybin may similarly cause headaches and temporality increase your blood pressure.

Over To You

Although there is still a lot to learn about the potential of psychedelic therapy, the existing research is quite promising. The best thing is to visit the Psychedelic-assisted Therapy Center in Lexington and get the right treatment plan.

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