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Psychedelic Therapy Lexington, KY – Ketamine Infusions

Psychedelic Therapy or Ketamine Infusion Therapy Center and Ketamine Doctors in Lexington, KY are radically changing the way we treat depression. Depression is  becoming the world epidemic! Depression and addiction tend to go hand in hand. However, Suboxone although it may be great for treating opiate withdrawal symptoms due to physical dependence on opiate or opioid based prescription pain medications.


Psychedelic Therapy in Lexington, KY is a Game Changer


lexington ky ketamine therapy doctors clinicsThere are not many Psychedelic Therapy doctors or Psychedelic Therapy Clinics or Clinicians in Lexington, KY. Restore Health KY, INC is a pioneer in Psychedelic-assisted therapy options for participants with depression, addiction, chronic pain or acute pain. Ketamine infusion therapy is also helpful for participants with Asthma and or sleeping problems. Suboxone may be prescribed with Ketamine infusions however, Ketamine infusion therapy does have the ability to help participants taper off the Suboxone should they opt to do so.

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Is there a Ketamine infusion therapy center near me? Is there is Ketamine therapy doctor that accepts Medicaid near me in Lexington, KY? Does Ketamine infusion therapy really work for drug addiction or alcoholism? The answer is YES. Here are Restore Health KY, INC we work with KetamineTherapyUSA and Wellward Regenerative Medicine to provide information about Ketamine and local Ketamine doctors in Lexington, Louisville and Frankfort areas.

Lexington Ketamine Clinic and Lexington Ketamine Doctors


When determining which Ketamine infusion therapy center or Ketamine doctor to work with, please ask the following questions: 1. Will my insurance help cover Ketamine treatments? Will my insurance cover a portion of Ketamine therapy programs? Does Ketamine help with drug addiction related issues? Does Ketamine help with treating depression? Is Ketamine an alternative to substance abuse treatment i.e Suboxone treatment? How will I know if the Ketamine infusion are actually working?

Alternatives to Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Here at Restore Health KY, INC substance abuse treatment center in Lexington, KY we collaborate with doctors, clinicians, medicine men and medicine woman as well as healers and energy workers or Reiki Masters. We work with Kambo practitioners. We work with anyone that provides an alternative option to medication-assisted treatment as we believe that it is not the only option to recover. We believe there are many paths to healing and a full recovery from drug addiction and or alcoholism. If you have any questions, please contact us today 888-480-7274

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