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Intensive Outpatient Program
Medication-assisted Treatment
Targeted Case Management

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suboxone doctor lexington ky medicaidRoughly 80,000 mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, sisters and brothers lost their lives or their loved one in 2020? Reality Check! Drug dealers that sell you heroin do not care about your life or your family’s. Now is the time to take the first step towards reclaiming your life. Don’t worry, the only thing you need to do right now is call our top rated suboxone clinic, MAT & IOP addiction and alcoholism treatment specialist and “choose to create” a life for yourself that is worth living. Don’t you deserve a life free from the pain and unstoppable suffering that wreaks havoc on your life which over time punishes you and those around you while diminishing all self-esteem and self-worth? Let’s be honest, you know as well as we do that nothing good comes from drug addiction ie. opiate addiction, heroin addiction, Oxycontin and or Percocet addiction once we have crossed the bridge from recreational drug use, and are now physically chemically dependent or “addicted”.

Our online telehealth / telemedicine IOP and MAT clinic helps our clients find hope and real solutions. At Restore Health KY’s holistic drug addiction and alcoholism rehabilitation program clients don’t just stop using, they Transform! By providing a top rated intensive outpatient treatment and medication-assisted treatment or “suboxone treatment” program, our clients are empowered to begin making healthier decisions. Our suboxone doctor (Board Certified Addictionologist), nurse practitioners, substance abuse/ chemical dependency counselors, targeted case managers and licensed clinical social workers all work together to ensure each client is awarded every resource available to achieve the best treatment outcome. 


  • Opiate Withdrawal Management / Onsite pharmacist / Lab 
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment 
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Motivational Incentives and Rewards App
  • Holistic & Alternative Therapies, Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing, Aroma Therapy
  • Life Skills Training Sessions
  • Biofeed Technology and Analysis
  • Rehab at Home Video Training Courses – coming June 2021
  • Medication-assisted Treatment / Suboxone Treatment
  • Telehealth & Telemedicine 
  • Online Recovery Community
  • Group Therapy with Special Guest Speakers
  • Individual and Small Group Therapy Sessions
  • 24/7/365 Around the Clock Client Advocates
  • Nutritionist, Herbalist & Prescribed Supplement Protocols

MAT: Suboxone Treatment

Medications Assisted Treatment / Medications (for) addiction treatment uses medications like; Buprenorphine (Suboxone), or Naltrexone (Vivitrol) to help clients treat/ combat opioid addiction.  It is the first step in a long process of their recovery.

A suboxone clinic helps clients reduce these symptoms helping them to focus on returning back to their normal lives, activities, relationships and their responsibilities prior to their opiate addiction.  These medications help reduce opiate addiction withdrawal symptoms and associated cravings they have and the need to; “Fix,” or ease the pain and discomfort they are having.  

The Importance of Medications in Early Recovery:

This is why providing medication intervention early on in a client’s recovery is so vitally important.  If a client is in pain or experiencing discomfort, “That,” is all they can/ will focus on.  Relieving pain is a basic human need.  By providing medical management/ medication intervention, we help break the cycle of giving in to those cravings and the need for; “Self-Medicating.” to treat pain or stress. In medically treating clients with medication early on in their recovery, we can help clients to prevent relapse and get them on the road to maintaining a long-term recovery.  We also help the patient prevent any possible medical concerns that could arise as a result of their severe withdrawal symptoms.  For example:  Treating the severe withdrawal with medications will help keep the patient’s pain level down and comfort level up, thus helping ensure their blood pressure doesn’t dangerously elevate putting them into a state of hypertension of which could precipitate cardiac arrest.

Keep in mind; the use/ abuse of opioids or other substances started with the client’s needs to; Treat-the-pain, or escape the source of pain by masking it with substances, thus achieving that; “High,” or false sense of feeling good.  However; pain can be more than just a physical sensation.  It can be experienced as; emotional, mental or spiritual pain that drives a patient to self-medicate.  

Goals of Tapering Off MAT:

With that said, MAT or Medication-assisted Treatment must do more than just, “Get the patient through the initial physiological stage of addiction.  It can only be a step in the process.  Clients will still need to address the; “Reason(s)” for the need they have to mask the pain and the need to identify the source(s) of pain/ stressors.  

This speaks to the goals of tapering the clients off these opioid based / addictive medications that are meant to only help them get through the initial physical withdrawal and cravings they experience.  Therefore; we need to establish a tapering process early on in the suboxone treatment program or medication assisted treatment regime.  Our goal initially is to physically stabilize the clients and get them through the initial hump of withdrawal symptoms.  We do not want to become their; “New source / substitution,” of the substances they were using.  It is vital we taper patients off of the medications, thus breaking the cycle of; “Have an ailment or issues….Take a pill,” or use other substances to; “Feel better.”  The goal of tapering off of MAT is to go from; treating the initial discomforts of withdrawal with therapeutic meds to; implementing multi-level therapies to help the client begin dealing with/ addressing peripheral issues.  We want to take the client from the perception of; Using medications as a solution for everything to Therapies and addressing/ dealing with life issues in a healthy way.

Using a Holistic Approach to Treatment:

lexington suboxone clinic medicaidA holistic approach to addiction rehabilitation and alcoholism treatment is simply:  Treat the person as a whole, not just treat a single symptom or problem.  A holistic treatment approach addresses not only the presenting problem at hand, it looks at/ treats all peripheral issues as well. Those may be: Emotional, Spiritual, Mental, or Psycho-Social related issues..  We are all complex beings and have needs.  Yes, we may have the need to have a medical problem addressed, however; more than likely, we’ll have issues around that medical need that have to be addressed to ensure success in the outcome of our treatment.   

The holistic drug rehabilitation approach treats the whole person.  For example;  A client may use drugs to ease the stress/ escape financial difficulties with overwhelming bills piling up.  They may be feeling hopeless, worthless, and have low self-esteem.  The holistic approach is yes, first get the client medically stabilized and past their drug withdrawal symptoms, but then we need to start addressing the other needs the patient may have that brought them to a point of using substances in the first place.  

These needs may be multi-complex.  For example there may be:


a.   Headaches due to stress.

  1.   No car to get to job or interviews.


a.   Poorly equipped/ low IQ

  1.   Lacks education/ training
  2.   Lacks skill-sets to perform a job


a.   Low self-esteem

  1.   Low feelings of self-worth


a.   No family/ support systems

  1.   Inadequate social skills


a.   Self-punishing

  1.   Inability to forgive themselves/ others

With a holistic addiction treatment approach, any, all, or a combination of issues might need to be addressed to help the client get past the reasons/ or help them deal with stressors that can get in the way of / sabotage their recovery.

The holistic approach to treatment requires a full compliment of professionals and resources to provide the necessary social support a client may need to address their multi-complex issues.  This may include a treatment team comprised of;  Physicians/ Psychiatrists, Nurses/Practitioners, Clinical Social Workers, Therapists, Pastoral Care and Support Groups plus helping clients access resources such as; Good medical care, social services, NA/AA, training & education, transportation systems, daycare, life-skills training, employment search avenues, and parenting skills training.  Yes!  The Holistic approach to treatment is an; “All hands (and resources) on deck,” kind of approach.

Lexington suboxone doctor medicaidImportance of Life Skills:

     Many of our patients lack the skill-sets necessary to change their current way of dealing with life’s situations and improving their current quality of life.  Life-skills provide clients with the tools they need to do more than just survive.  The very life-skills we may take for granted to not come so easily to all.  

Life-skills like: 

a.   Learning how to make healthy choices in life

  1.   Learning healthy social skills
  2.   Building healthy relationships
  3.   How to appropriately deal with stress, re-channel anger, fear, relationships, children, family, job or lack of, finances.
  1. How to manage physical & emotional pain
  2. How to bridge gaps and make amends.
  3. How to trust/ be trusted again
  4. How to forgive (Self/ Others)

     If a client has the necessary life-skills/ skill-set to meet their own needs, they are less likely to turn to drugs to fulfill their needs.  Equipping a patient with the necessary skills is a major part of treating the client as a whole, utilizing a holistic approach to treatment thus helping ensure their SUCCESS in the recovery process.

Opiate Withdrawal Management / Onsite pharmacist / Lab 

Our team of medical professionals will manage opioid withdrawals with minimum to no discomfort for patients while supporting them through the targeted withdrawal period. Medication management, counseling and community support are a tried, tested, and proven success. Lab testing and pharmacy needs can be completed onsite for our patient’s privacy and convenience.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment 

Our IOP program is the premier program in the area. We provide one-on-one therapy, group therapy, MAT program, daily support groups, case managers, peer-support specialists and much more to help our client’s the achieve success.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT is a treatment approach that helps our clients to recognize negative, unhelpful, and unwanted behavior patterns.  Your emotions and thoughts can directly impact your actions, CBT is a psycho-social intervention that helps to improve overall mental health while developing personal coping strategies that target the client’s current problems.

Motivational Incentives and Rewards App

Have fun, learn about yourself and get rewarded at the same time!  Our clients love this amazing App!

Holistic & Alternative Therapies, Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing, Aroma Therapy

At Restore Health KY Suboxone Clinic, IOP and MAT clinic, we treat the whole person, body, mind, and spirit.  Our team of professionals know that our clients need to learn to be kind to themselves and experience a total healing of the body, mind, and spirit.

Biofeedback Technology and Analysis

Biofeedback is a mind-body technique that utilizes visual or auditory feedback to improve control over involuntary functions of the body such as blood flow, blood pressure, and heart rate. This wonderful technique can help improve and alleviate some symptoms of conditions such as stress, anxiety, pain, and headaches. By using Biofeedback, many patients are able to improve their physical, emotional, and mental health.

Rehab at Home Video Training Courses – coming June 2021

Our at home addiction rehabilitation / alcoholism treatment video series is informational, entertaining, and filled with gems that help to save lives!

Telehealth & Telemedicine 

Many healthcare providers who started to use telehealth and telemedicine during the Covid19 pandemic have extended the utilization of this type of appointment with the reasoning being the overall safety of clients and staff. These type of healthcare professionals provide secure intake forms that can be filled out and submitted right from their website.  

Online Recovery Community

Building a recovery community is a crucial part of the recovery process.  Our online recovery community will help our clients to get all of the peer support needed throughout their recovery process.

Group Therapy with Special Guest Speakers

Our group therapy sessions are interactive, informational, entertaining, and life changing! Our facilitators have decades of experience in delivering the nuts and bolts of recovery!

Individual and Small Group Therapy Sessions

Some clients do much better in smaller sessions.  Our therapists will meet with our clients for thirty-day treatment planning and one-on-one sessions as needed to support our client’s needs.

24/7/365 Around the Clock Patient Advocates

We have you covered!  Whatever the need, we are listening and here to help you!  This is your recovery!

Nutritionist, Herbalist & Prescribed Supplement Protocols

Most individual’s coming out of addiction need support in these areas.  Meet with our professionals and get all of the help you need to round out your total recovery, body, mind, and spirit!