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Benefits of Using Ketamine Infusion Therapy

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Chronic Pain and Neuropathic Pain and Ketamine

National Institute of Health indicates that chronic pain is a chronic disease that affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined. It has been identified as the most prevalent reason for Americans to seek medical help and a primary source of impairment and a significant contributor to healthcare expenses.

Traditionally, the therapy for that illness uses narcotic pain medications to lighten the signals of pain. But the new studies show that Ketamine infusion therapy “reboot” the central nervous system, enhances neural transmitters, and heals damaged areas caused by pain syndromes over time.

How does it work?

Ketamine Therapy resets the nervous system and helps to restore health. This technique does not dull signals like standard therapies but instead gets to the base of the problem.

Infusions relieve pain through the NMDA receptor in the spinal cord and brain. This is important for nociceptive transmission (most pain is nociceptive, meaning it is caused by the stimulation of these pain receptors, which causes tissue harm).

  • Neuropathic Pain Syndrome

This includes the following syndromes.

  •   Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

This syndrome usually manifests itself in one of the body’s extremities (foot, leg, hand, and or arm). It usually occurs as a result of a trauma, such as a fractured bone, and can also occur due to nerve injury.

Ketamine Infusion therapy relieves pain by resetting the central nervous system’s pain sensitivity, a safe and effective method.

  • Fibromyalgia

This specific chronic pain illness affects the body’s muscles and tissues, resulting in widespread aching and stiffness as well as exhaustion.

In Fibromyalgia patients, low-dose Ketamine IV infusions have been shown to be beneficial and safe in reducing chronic pain.

Ketamine Infusions may be the thing you have been searching for. To schedule a consultation,  don’t hesitate to contact our Lexington Ketamine clinic for your initial Ketamine infusion therapy session and get your appointment fixed.

If you are struggling with Chronic pain or acute pain, our Lexington, KY pain management doctor can assist you today. Please give us a call. Pain in this life is inevitable, however, suffering with chronic or acute pain, that is optional. We can help!

Ketamine as the Treatment of ASTHMA

Asthmatic patients need efficient treatment to control asthma attacks, speed up recovery, and reduce their mortality. Therefore, the researchers investigated the therapeutic efficacy of Ketamine infusions in individuals with acute asthma attacks.

 In Asthma, many controlling or preventive drugs such as steroids, inhaled beta-agonists and anticholinergic, and short-acting theophylline are suggested for the treatment. But the Researchers say that Ketamine is a safe and predictable sedative and has analgesic, and anti-emetic effects. Therefore it can be prescribed in an emergency without many monitoring devices. 

As you all know that Asthma is one of the world’s most frequent chronic diseases. Its symptoms range from a wheezing sound to airway obstruction, depending on the location of the patients.

Severe Asthma can result in respiratory failure and the need for a ventilator. Because of its benefits for bronchial airway stability, Ketamine has been proposed as an inductive agent in asthma patients in numerous investigations.

Because of its serial injection, it will provide a better result. Ketamine Relieves Asthma and restores health by increasing respiratory rate and oxygen pressure while decreasing CO2 pressure simultaneously.

If you also want to cure your Asthma, try consulting and make an appointment ASAP!

How Can Ketamine Therapy Help Reducing Suicidal Thoughts

Suicide is a serious public health concern and a top cause of death in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says around 45,000 Americans aged ten and older died by suicide in 2016. Suicide is the 10th top cause of death and one of only three leading causes on the rise.

For that matter, Samuel Wilkinson and colleagues investigated the effect of Ketamine infusions on suicidal thoughts reduction in recent research published in the American Journal of Psychiatry. According to the analysis, it was discovered that a single dose of infusion of Ketamine at levels similar to those used to treat Major Depression resulted in a rapid drop in suicidal ideations within a day. Suicidal thoughts were no longer present in 55 percent of those who received infusions as compared to those who got a placebo.

Due to Ketamine Infusion Therapy, the reduction in suicidal thoughts was seen for at least 7 days. Let’s see how it can be helpful for the patients with suicidal thoughts.

How does Ketamine therapy help?

Ketamine infusions are well-known for their ability to aid persons with depression. Suicidal thoughts can be quickly alleviated with infusions, allowing the person to consider other options.

It may also give other psychiatric treatments more time to take action, as some can take up to 6-8 weeks to take effect.

How soon can you feel improvement?

Many people report feeling better during treatment. Others say a significant change in mood or pain levels within hours of the procedure. During or after Ketamine Infusions, patients will have good and poor days, but general improvement is frequently noted after repeated infusion therapy. ensures that your treatment goes well and is always there for you every step of the way, collaborating with your referring provider to offer you the relief you deserve.

Ketamine therapy in reducing Migraines

Migraines can make your life disastrous because of the excruciating pain, which can negatively impact your career, social life, and sleep. But Ketamine Therapy has a solution for you.

First, you should know,

 What triggers Migraines

 Migraines are basically a neurological illness characterized by moderate to severe pain on one side of the head. Migraines have no known cause, however, they may be brought on by specific triggers, as in:

  • Hormone abnormalities caused by stress Food additives.
  • Weather variations.
  • Dairy products
  • Consumption of alcohol.

If you have migraines regularly, you would be well aware that they can last anywhere from a few hours to several days. This can significantly disrupt your daily routines and work.

However, a new study suggests that the medication ketamine may provide some comfort to people who have failed to respond to previous treatments.

How does Ketamine work?

Ketamine is known for its calming effects on the central nervous system, is often used as an anesthetic. Also, It’s been successfully utilized to treat depression symptoms and other chronic illnesses like pain, outside of its usual application.

If you want to know how Ketamine works to alleviate migraine discomfort, you must first comprehend how the substance works in your brain. Ketamine operates by preventing neurotransmitters from accessing and interacting with NMDA receptors. These receptors are essential in elevating the pain, and they are located throughout your brain and spinal cord.

So, the pain signal cannot be sent because the transmitters are unable to bind, and the person experiences a dramatic reduction in the severity of their pain.

If you are suffering from Migraines, the Ketamine Therapy is the right Answer for you. Consult for more details.

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