Lexington Ketamine therapy doctors

Lexington Ketamine Therapy Doctors

In the recent past, Ketamine has emerged as one of the best options for treating anxiety, trauma, headache, pain, and more. It is especially designed for patients who don’t respond to other antidepressant medications. Since the procedure involves several dosing sessions under clinician supervision, it’s important to choose the right Ketamine therapy doctors in Lexington to help you out.

How Ketamine is Administered

The most effective type of Ketamine therapy is IV infusion therapy. Lasting about 40-60 minutes, this therapy will make you feel the effects almost immediately. Another method is where it’s administered via nasal spray called Esketamine.

Ketamine therapy can also be administered at home via in-home telemedicine therapy. This process involves undergoing the screening process before using other options. The only drawback of this method is that there is no skilled medical staff, something very important for administration.

Lexington Ketamine Therapy Doctors

Choosing the Right Ketamine Therapy Doctors in Lexington

While there has been a rapid increase in the number of Ketamine therapy doctors in Lexington, the fact that they appear to be similar can make it a bit challenging to choose between them. The right ketamine therapy doctor should examine you, check medical records, order lab tests and understand your medical condition.

Most ketamine doctors and infusion centers provide treatment, but they can vary widely in their training, expertise, and knowledge. Due to this, results can vary widely, and some patients may end up not achieving the real benefits of the therapy.

At our clinic, we have a team of professional Ketamine therapy doctors in Lexington who have the expertise to administer the therapy. We also provide private rooms personalized with effective monitoring tailored according to your plans. Plus, we have a comprehensive plan to ensure you succeed. Call us today to book an appointment or get in touch online.

If you are struggling with pain either chronic or acute, suffering is now optional with our Lexington, KY pain management doctor and Lexington, KY pain management clinic. If you are struggling with pain, please look into alternative options such as Ketamine infusions. Contact our pain doctors and clinics today for assistance 888-480-7274 In addition to supporting Ketamine therapy as it is a breakthrough for Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies, we also suggest clients reach out to their local Native American Churches and explore Ayahuasca ceremonies, Psilocybin ceremonies, Bufo Alvarius ceremonies and Kambo Detoxification Sessions.

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