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Life Skills Training for Life

Restore Health KY, INC provides a Holistic, Intensive Outpatient Treatment and Medication-assisted Treatment program with heavy focus on Life Skills Development. Our suboxone treatment and Ketamine infusion therapy programs in Lexington provides our clients with alternative treatment options to explore. 

We provide a top rated drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation program that aims to heal the whole person by providing a safe place to come and process who they were, who they are now and who they inspire to become. We provide a number of fun activities, special guest speakers and a wide variety of events within the community to raise awareness.

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  To provide our suboxone treatment or ketamine infusion therapy participants with the necessary practical life skills meeting their Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Social and Psychological needs and arming them with the tools they need to overcome obstacles in their recovery, thus ensuring a healthy, happy and fulfilled life beyond rehab.

To provide our medication-assisted treatment and or psychedelic-assisted therapy participants with the critical skills they need to help them handle problems and make good decisions


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Life Skills Training

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  1. Decision Making / Critical Thinking Skills
  2. Communication Skill
  3.  Goal Setting Skills

1.   Handling Stress/ How to Cope With & Avoid    

2.   Anger Management / Controlling Emotions

3.   Self-Awareness:  Naming/ Identifying Emotions & Expressing Them Appropriately

4.   Practicing Self-Care

             a.  Nutrition/ Balanced Diet
             b.  Hygiene Practices
             c.  Adequate Sleep/ Rest
        5.  Identifying Damage Caused by Drug Use & Set Goals
        6.  Improving Self-Image, Self-Esteem Building & Boosting Self-Confidence
        7.  Building Trust/ Respect
        8.  Building & Re-Building Healthy Relationships
        9.  Implementing Fitness, Physical Exercise & Meditation in Daily Routine
             a.  Exercise
             b.  Yoga
             c.  Walking/ Running
             e.  Weight Lifting
                  1.  Promote Mental Clearing
                  2.  Decrease Stress/ Stress Relief
                  3.  Increase Circulation
                  4.  Increase Production of Endorphins
                  5.  Decrease Depression
       10. Re-Building Family Relationships
             a.  Forgiveness of Self & Others
             b.  Maintaining Good Relationships
             c.  Parenting Skills
             d.  Repairing Damaged Connections
             e.  Combating Loneliness/ Avoiding Isolation
       11.  Assertiveness Training
             a.  Learning to Ask for Help/ Accept Help
             b.  Learning to Say No
       12.  Learning To Forgive Self & Others
       13.  Budgeting/ Managing Money
             a.  How To Create a Budget
             b.  Identify Regular Expenses
             c.  Decreasing Financial Stress
             d.  Making Major Purchases
             e.  Learning Good Spending Habits/ Spending Good Money Well
             f.  Opening a Bank Account
            g.  Learning How to Save Money
            h.  Paying Off Debts / Prioritizing Expenses
      14.  Sexual Activity/ Sexual Dysfunction
      15.  Making Healthy Life Choices Re;  Nutrition, Relationships, Career Pathways, Goal Setting
      16.  Problem Solving
      17.  Goal Setting
      18.  Dealing With/ Avoiding Conflict & Conflict Resolution
      19.  Overcoming/ Dealing With; Trauma, Pain, Fear, Disappointment & Obstacles
      20.  Addressing Men’s/ Women’s Issues  (Identifying/ Dealing With)
      21.  Active Listening Skills/ How to Be Heard
     22.  Learning the Art of Negotiation
1.College/ Career Readiness/ Career Choices
     2.  Job Search/ Resume Writing
           a.  Interview Skills
           b.  Computer Skills
           c.  Time Management
           d.  Communication Skills
           e.  Problem Solving
           f.   Decision Making
   3.  Learning the Art of Negotiation Skills
   4.  Achieving Scholastic Skills:
          a.  Acquire GED
          b.  Improve Reading, Writing, Math Skills
   5.  Learning techniques to Deal With/ Avoid Conflict & Conflict Resolution
   6.  Problem Solving Techniques
   7.  Assertiveness Skills

 1. How to Interact With Others in a Healthy Way 

2. Learning How to Have Fun Again/ Recreation 

3. Learning How to Feel Relaxed Without Drugs/ Substances 

4. Build/ Rebuild Self Esteem & Self Confidence 

5. Improve Stress Management Techniques 

6. Techniques on How to Control / Regulate Presentation of Emotions in a Healthy Way 

7. Techniques on Avoiding/ Resolving Conflicts 

8. Practicing Negotiation Skills

 9. Accessing Community Resources

 a. Social Services 

b. Daycare Resources 

c. Medical Treatment / Medicaid 

d. Occupational Rehab 

e. Housing Assistance (Rent, Utilities, Financial Assistance)

 f. Church/ House of Worship/ Spiritual/ Meditation Groups 

g. AA/NA Groups Locations 

10. Active Listening Skills/ Communication Techniques 

11. Problem Solving Techniques 

12. Healthy Sexual Relationships 

13. Practicing Assertive Communication

     1.  Developing Healthy Coping Mechanisms
     2.  Making Healthy Choices/ Avoiding Risky Situations
     3.  Managing Stress Levels & Emotions
     4.  Developing a Healthy Life Routine/ Schedule
     5.  Getting Connected in NA/ AA
     6.  Practicing Daily Meditation / Relaxation Techniques
     7.  Finding a Job & Keeping It
     8.  Getting Connected;  Community, Church/ Spiritual, Recreational
     9.  Managing Finances
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