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Acute Pain Management Using Suboxone Treatment

What is Acute Pain?

Acute pain is what the body experiences briskly responding to either disease or injury. It may occur for a short time or last for less than three to six months, depending on the soft tissue damage.

Acute pain is short and severe in comparison to others. For example, when you break your nose or your ankle gets hit by a stone, severe pain is what acute pain is.

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Acute Pain Management

Management of Acute Pain

Mild pain moderation can be through over the counter drugs or through some home remedies such as rubbing the affected area with warm water.  However, when the pain is severe and repetitive, there is a need to look for a way to manage it.

Chronic Pain ManagementOpioids are used and prescribed for people who frequently experience acute pain. The opioids enable patients to regulate pain adequately. However, an opioid can lead to addictions and opioid disorder.

If a patient has been using drugs and alcohol or is an addict to opioid, it may become difficult to manage the pain. Some risks come with pain relief drugs, such as chemical dependence. When one has used a substance, they may have withdrawal problems and their quality of life affected.

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Why Restore Health KY

Suboxone clinicOur Suboxone clinics offer holistic services serving our clients with dignity and diligently. Our clinics’ leader is one of the best suboxone doctors around- Dr Sarah Merritt. She is a specially trained suboxone doctor who has guided our team into winning the best Bowie award. She has gone ahead to be a renowned successful Suboxone doctor who has helped so many patients overtime. Her fame precedes her as her peers recently crowned her as a member of the Technical Access Committee for the Maryland State Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP).

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