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Addiction Treatment Center Near Me in Lexington, KY

A question that people often ask is, “Is there an addiction treatment center near me near Lexington,Kentucky?” Medication assisted treatment varies in length of treatment on an individual basis. It not only addresses acute withdrawal, it may also can address chronic relapse issues. In most scenarios, most of the detoxification withdrawal symptoms from opioids are relieved within a few weeks. Then the treating doctor can taper the dose of the prescribed medication. If you are suffering from opioid dependence, all you have to do is call the clinic.  The clinic’s amazing staff will guide you the rest of the way to a new life in recovery.

Drug Treatment Center

addiction treatment center near meAt Restore Health KY, our doctors and staff are here because we care and want only the best for our patients. Patient care and customer service is paramount to our staff! The treatment center near Lexington’s reputation for success and quality customer service speaks for itself! The good news for patients and potential patients in Lexington and the surrounding area is that there is an IOP treatment center near the Lexington area. The well-trained staff is known for their caring and excellent customer service.

Addiction Treatment Center Near Me

Please know that you are not alone, our doctors and staff are here for you. We know that addiction medication treatment works; however, it all starts with the first phone call from you! Call us today and start your new life without the nightmare of opioid addiction. A specialized physician will supervise treatment and prescribe the required medications.Those who are suffering from substance use disorders can make an appointment with our addiction treatment center that utilizes medication-assisted treatment.

Addiction Treatment Center

Each individual’s treatment schedule is based on the individual’s life circumstances and the treatment team’s judgement. The overall cost of medication assisted treatment will vary depending on the medication prescribed. Those individuals who are seeking treatment can check with their insurance companies to see if the treatment is covered or if they will have to pay out-of-pocket for services. Callers asked, “Is there an addiction treatment center near me near Lexington, Kentucky?”, all you have to do is reach out!

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