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What are the underlying causes of drug addiction?

People ask, what are the main underlying causes of drug addiction? Drug abuse is a dynamic problem that varies greatly for different individuals. People abuse drugs to achieve different outcomes. More often than not, people turn to drugs with the aim of changing something about their lives. Perhaps they are bored and they’re looking for something to make them feel ‘high’, or they want to fit in with their peers, so they see drugs as the solution.

While they may view drugs as the solution, the substance they abuse to achieve a specific outcome ends up becoming a major problem.

drug addiction

Here are the major reasons why people abuse drugs:

Prescription drugs – underlying causes of drug addiction

Prescription medications such as opioids are highly addictive, so they have a potential for abuse. Prolonged use of opioids causes the body to develop tolerance to the drugs and this prompts one to take a higher dose to achieve the same effect. This leads to opioid dependence and drug addiction.

Peer pressure

Some people, especially teenagers and young adults have a desire to fit in or feel valued by their peers. External pressures drive some people to start using drugs even if they understand the consequences that come with addiction.


Drug abuse can start when an individual feels bored and feels the need to fill a void in their life. A person who’s feeling lonely or isolated may turn to drugs to feel good and this ends up becoming a gateway to severe addiction.

Mental illness

Drug addiction and mental illnesses such as PTSD, anxiety, and depression go hand in hand. People suffering from mental illness are at a higher risk of developing an addiction as a way of making sense of their illness.

There are many other reasons why people abuse drugs including stress, self-medication, rebellion, genetics, low self-esteem, a need for energy, experimenting, and many more.

Though mental illnesses can be devastating, there is help available to persons struggling with a mental health disorder.

Environmental influences

Research has long shown that the environment a person is exposed to can influence and trigger substance abuse. For example, growing up in a household or neighborhood where addiction is rampant, or being exposed to social media content that hypes drug abuse can create a high risk for drug abuse.

Although it can be difficult to face one’s problems, the short-term and long-term consequences that come with drug abuse can be catastrophic. If you’re facing challenges that make you turn to drug use as a way to escape or relax, it’s advisable to seek professional counseling before it’s too late.

But if you already have a drug abuse problem, it’s best to seek treatment in a drug rehab near me.

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