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Medication-assisted Treatment Program Lexington, KY

The Medication-Assisted Treatment program at Restore Health KY is a premiere health center that provides the latest services, techniques, technology, and education in addiction medicine. Our facility utilizes the zoom application for telehealth appointments. Telemedicine usually involves a patient/ doctor interaction via video, providing a face-to-face encounter where the doctor and patient can see each other, discuss issues, and even share images such as diagnostic test results. These appointments can be conducted on any device such as a smart phone, computer, or tablet. Greatly improved digital clarity and device computing power allows for this type of appointment to suffice in lieu of an in-person visit. These appointments also provide the convenience of staying at home vs driving in traffic and sitting in crowded waiting rooms. Many healthcare providers who started to use telehealth and telemedicine during the Covid19 pandemic have extended the utilization of this type of appointment with the reasoning being the overall safety of patients and staff.

Suboxone Clinic & IOP Program

Our IOP program is tried, tested, and proven to be successful in the treatment of opioid addiction. The Covid19 pandemic has been a catalyst in the telemedicine and telehealth effort around the country. Telehealth is a great way to provide triage and keep patients out of doctor’s offices for issues that can be handled remotely.  This allows for better access to doctors and hospitals for more serious conditions or “sicker” patients. Telehealth allows for a higher quality of managing cases of chronic care conditions, ensuring the careful monitoring of all at risk patients. Simply stated, Telemedicine helps to keep our patients safer during this difficult time in our history.Professional supervision is essential to addressing behavioral issues, triggers, and reducing the risks of relapse into addiction.

Medication-assisted treatment Lexington KY Suboxone

Medication-Assisted Treatment Program

Services at Restore Health KY suboxone clinic includes: Physician Visits, Case Management, Individual Therapy Sessions, Group Therapy, Primary Care, and Successful Results for Patients! Our amazing staff cares about the health, wellbeing, and success of all of our patients! We work with patients to explore and uncover the root causes for their addiction. This empowers patients to overcome the triggers of addiction that cause them to feel that they need to use a substance. We then work through the reasons for their addiction. Our patients set goals and then together we develop action plans that set them up for success in life and recovery.

Suboxone Clinic Lexington

Restore Health KY provides specially trained professionals who provide individuals with medical supervision which is key in the early stages of recovery from addiction. After the initial assessment with one of our therapists and a follow-up with our Suboxone Doctor, patients are scheduled to attend group therapy, one on one therapy, drug screening, and our top-rated addiction recovery program. If you or someone that you care about is struggling with an addiction problem, please call for assistance today. Let us help you to find a restored body, mid, and spirit today.  Our Medication-Assisted Treatment program is helping to save and change lives at Restore Health KY.



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