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Opiate Addiction Rehab Near Me

We received a call from a rehab last week, the caller asked, “Is there an opiate addiction rehab near me in Lexington, Kentucky?” The caller was a young male who had been staying in the rehab for several weeks for opioid addiction. The caller did not feel like he was making the progress that he had hoped for in rehab and he wanted to try Suboxone treatment near his home in Kentucky. Our Suboxone doctor in Kentucky is taking new patients who are serious about overcoming opioid addiction changing their lives. Attitude is especially important to success. Call Restore Health KY today 859-459-0796 and get the help that you need!

Drug and Alcohol Program

suboxone clinic near meThe three parts to treatment are medication management, counseling, and technology. We understand that inpatient recovery and twelve-step programs do not work for everyone. We know that Suboxone treatment will work for anyone who has been suffering from opioid addiction, as long as they are committed to recovery. The message is clear to anyone who wishes to have the life-changing solution of Suboxone treatment at work in their lives, they must be 100% committed!

Addiction Specialist Near Me

Once the patient calls Suboxone Doctor Kentucky for an appointment, the staff will help guide new patients through the recovery process. Medication-assisted treatment will handle any opioid cravings and withdrawal symptoms from detoxification from opioids.  Without the stress, fear, or anxiety of dealing with cravings and withdrawals, the patient can focus on recovery and building a new life.

Drug Treatment

addiction rehab near me lexingtonThe results of Suboxone medication management have been nothing short of amazing! Thousands of individuals around the country have changed their lives for the better. Call Suboxone Doctor Kentucky today for and appointment.  The answer was yes for the caller from rehab who asked, “Is there an opiate addiction specialist near me in Lexington, Kentucky?”

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