MAT Clinic Suboxone near me

SUD Treatment in Kentucky!

Substance-Use Disorder treatment now available in the Lexington, Louisville, and Frankfort areas.Our professionals are now utilizing telehealth and telemedicine.Research has shown that Suboxone is a great solution to this deadly disease. People who have been suffering from opioid addiction near Louisville are already changing their lives for the better! The best success is from those clients who utilize medication management for detoxification. Suboxone doctors near Louisville are making a local difference! The clinic near Louisville, Kentucky is already helping to change and save lives! Those who are addicted to opiates, prescription drugs such as OxyContin, and illicit opiates such as heroin, need to know about Suboxone.

IOP Treatment in Kentucky

No longer will the cravings for opiates have to drive anyone back to addiction.  The opiate blocker in Suboxone, Naloxone, will stop most overdoses from ever happening.  Suboxone just makes sense! We are serving our patients with telehealth and office appointments. Suboxone takes away cravings for opiates, deals with withdrawal symptoms, and drastically reduces the risk of overdosing. Some are calling Suboxone a miracle drug when it comes to helping those individuals who are suffering from opiate addiction. The healthcare industry has recognized Suboxone treatment as “The Gold Standard” in opioid addiction treatment.

MAT Clinic Suboxone near me
MAT Clinic Suboxone near me

Substance-Use Disorder Treatment

Addiction medications coupled with therapy and a solid recovery community have wonderful results. Suboxone is the first prescription drug of this type that is effective in treating the symptoms of opiate addiction. Suboxone contains a controlled opiate effect, which is effective for those suffering from opiate withdrawal, easing the pain of withdrawal symptoms while detoxifying the body of any existing opiates. Our Lexington, Louisville, and Frankfortclinics are now taking new patients.

MAT Treatment

The key to success with our medication-assisted treatment program is in monitoring, case management, and follow up. Our professionals will help to schedule new-patient appointments, a clinician can then follow up with a patient assessment, and an appointment to meet with one of the specialized doctors can be scheduled.  All this can be completed via telemedicine or in our office. Our amazing staff are here to help you! Call today, Substance-Use Disorder Treatment now available in the Lexington, Louisville, and Frankfort areas.




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