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Medication-Assisted Treatment Lexington

Restore Health KY, our medication-assisted treatment Lexington office is changing and saving lives all across the state of Kentucky. At our facility in Lexington we provide addiction-medicine services, combined with counseling that sets patients up for success. Peer based models work, when patients follow the action plan for success. Our recovery approach makes recovery much easier …

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Addiction on the Rise in America!

There is an IOP addiction treatment center near Louisville. Addiction is on the rise in the United States, with an increase of approximately 30% since Covid-19 started.  Health centers that specialize in addiction medicine are helping to change and save the lives of thousands of individuals who were hopelessly addicted to opioids. Medication-assisted treatment varies …

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The Future of Addiction Treatment is Telehealth Now!

The future of addiction treatment is telehealth now! The covid19 pandemic has expedited the need for excellent telemedicine and telehealth services around the world. The need for telemedicine and telehealth are exploding with the current state of the world and the overall health of the United States. Healthcare providers who remained in service for business …

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