psychedelic therapy lexington kentucky

Lexington ketamine infusion therapy doctors

Psychedelic Therapy Lexington, KY – Ketamine Infusions

Psychedelic Therapy or Ketamine Infusion Therapy Center and Ketamine Doctors in Lexington, KY are radically changing the way we treat depression. Depression is  becoming the world epidemic! Depression and addiction tend to go hand in hand. However, Suboxone although it may be great for treating opiate withdrawal symptoms due to physical dependence on opiate or …

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Ketamine infusion therapy Lexington KY

Psychedelic Therapy Lexington Kentucky

Sometimes referred to as PAP therapy, psychedelic-assisted therapy is the process of ingesting a psychedelic substance as part of treatment. In this therapy, psychedelic is usually combined with talk therapy. So, if you are looking for lasting positive change, it’s important to visit a psychedelic-assisted therapy center in Lexington. This center will also help you …

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