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All suboxone treatment at our clinic is backed by life skill training sessions to help the addict achieve full recovery. The patient will learn to develop not only communication and coping skills but also improve their overall lifestyle by participating in recreational activities, self-help groups, and learning how to take charge of their lives back from addiction.

During these life skills training sessions, the addict can participate in multiple activities that helps them deal with stress triggers such as relapse prevention strategies, teamwork building games, anti-bullying talks and much more. For a better understanding of this program visit our website Restore Health KY

Why Restore Health KY, INC Suboxone Clinic in Lexington, KY

Like our name suggests we are all about ensuring that the health of an addict is fully restored. Our suboxone doctors and other professionals work as a team to see that a client has fully recovered. Our agenda even as we offer life skills training is that a patient will fit in the society like the addiction never happened.

Contact us today if you have a friend or family who is an addict of opioid and is having a hard time recovering. This program is for anyone who needs help overcoming their addiction. (Xanax) We also offer a free consultation (24 hours) during which we answer all your questions regarding the life skill training sessions.

Our doctors are committed to seeing that the patient fully recovers and gets back their life to a normalcy.

Suboxone Clinic Lexington


If you are experiencing any opioid addiction symptoms, reach out to us now for a free consultation. We are waiting to hear from you! Contact us at 888-480 7274

We guarantee that the client coming to get suboxone clinic treatment from us will leave an improved person. Recovered and ready to face life a stronger and healthier person. We are all about quality life.

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