Community a Great Way to Fully Recover From Opioid Dependency

Having a support system is critical. Having a group of people trying to fully recover from opioid dependency talk to each other is one great way to recover.

lexington suboxone clinic medicaidAt Restore Health KY, suboxone clinic we bring together people trying to recover from connecting and walking with each other as they try to recover.

Community helps in the following ways:

  • Encourage each other to get better
  • Sustain recovery. There will be a team looking out to avoid a relapse
  • Friendships will grow from the community and thus improving their social life
  • Supporting each other will help people to fully recover from opioid dependency.

Our suboxone clinic understands the importance of this community. It is part of our holistic approach. We are fulfilling our objective of not the body only but the spirit and the mind.

We follow up with our clients and see to it that they have a full recovery. We have an app that aims at motivating and rewarding our clients. We are also planning on bringing onboard a home rehabilitation video. We want to see our patients live the healthy and quality life that they deserve.

MAT and Suboxone Clinics in Lexington, Frankfort, Louisville


Restore Health KY has suboxone, and MAT clinics are located in Frankfort, Louisville, and Lexington. Our team of professionals works day in out to ensure that clients are free of pain and heal holistically.

Our organization has won the Bowie award of 2020. They recognized us for offering optimum care to our patients without showing any form of discrimination or stigma.

One great Suboxone doctor leads our fantastic team -Dr. Sarah Merritt. She is a volunteer in the medical community. She was also nominated as a member of the technical access committee for the Maryland State Drug Monitoring program.

Lexington Suboxone ClinicReach out to us. We offer numerous services. We see to it that our clients receive quality services. Visit us today, and you will be one step ahead to healing. To fully recover from opioid dependency, give us a call for help 888-840-7274

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