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Heroin to Suboxone to Ketamine to Nature

When the 8% to 12% success rate produced nationally by inpatient addiction rehabilitation centers, most of which teach an Abstinence-only model, addiction treatment professional must look for healthier alternatives. As a nation, we are losing 100,000 + people every single year. Harm reduction, also known as medication-assisted treatment consists of counseling and medication. Subutex was …

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Substance Abuse in Couples

Substance abuse occurs when someone uses substances such as alcohol, illicit drugs, and/or prescription pharmaceuticals (as in ketamine or suboxone) in a way that is harmful to their health and well-being, as well as health and well-being of others.  Addiction is a chronic disease characterized by compulsive substance use and uncontrollable drug or alcohol-seeking behaviors. …

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Things to consider while picking up a Rehab

If you are looking for drug rehab for your loved one, you might read about alternative treatments. Some of them, including suboxone treatment and ketamine infusion therapy, have few side effects and are very effective in helping drug addicts overcome severe addiction. For that matter, you should be insightful about picking up any rehab or consulting Suboxone Doctors …

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Suboxone Addiction Rehab

Suboxone is a highly addictive prescription drug that is most commonly used to treat opiate and narcotic pain medication addictions. Some doctors prescribe it as a pain reliever, but it should only be used as directed or as part of a complete treatment plan that surely includes counseling. Suboxone Treatment and Rehab People who take …

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Types of Ketamine

Suboxone Treatment and Ketamine Infusion Therapy

First things first you might be thinking what is Ketamine Infusion Therapy and Suboxone treatment? Well, it was first discovered as an antidepressant in 1975, but it was illegal at that time. But researchers began to study that in the late 90s. They found out their promising results in treating chronic pain, depression, post-traumatic stress …

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The Best Life Skills Training Sessions| Restore Health KY

All suboxone treatment at our clinic is backed by life skill training sessions to help the addict achieve full recovery. The patient will learn to develop not only communication and coping skills but also improve their overall lifestyle by participating in recreational activities, self-help groups, and learning how to take charge of their lives back …

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