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The Suboxone Treatment Process That Works 

At Restore Health KY, INC, we are a Holistic Healing Center. We have dedicated all our resources to helping addicts, and all our patients become better versions of themselves free from the hold of drugs. So how do we do it?

Here is the Suboxone treatment process we use once you give us a call, whether it is opioid, alcohol, or any other substance abuse:

Admissions for Suboxone Treatment – Restore Health KY, INC

Once you give us a call, we will send you a new patient form that you will fill before coming in. when you come to the center; you will carry this form with you to get the admissions started.

suboxone clinics near me lexington frankfort louisvilleMeeting with our Therapist

The second step is pairing you up with our certified therapists. They shall carry out a psychological assessment on you so that we can see the best treatment regime. Each patient that walks through our doors is unique, and so we ensure that this stage is done with the utmost care and proper medical assessment.

This step is mainly a talking session where the therapist is one-on-one with the patient to talk things out. Healing can only begin if the patient is willing to take up the process, and the therapist helps gauge this. They also encourage the patient with the facts on the entire process.

Meeting with our Suboxone Doctor in Lexington, Frankfort, Louisville

The physician is the next person the patient will meet. Here, the patient will be informed of all the health concerns and medical management requirements and protocols. Medical tests and physical body assessments accompany these sessions. They are to determine which medications will work on the patient and which will not.

All the side effects of each medication are discussed in these sessions as well. The doctor sticks with you the entire rehabilitation process helping you deal with the withdrawal and pain. Depending on the substance the patient was taking, the treatment duration will vary!

Complete Suboxone Treatment Plan

Once one gets here, they are clear from any substance in their blood. They step down from PHP/OP to OP. But that is not the end. Monitoring and medication are still mandatory. One becomes a graduate but still gets support from our medics. They still have to attend at least one group session per week.

Join the alumni program here at Lexington Suboxone Clinic

After one has wholly healed and become whole again and free from addiction, they become alumni. We keep all our alumni close by holding special gatherings plus keep communication alive. We have the alumni night once a month, and we encourage that they hold the hands of the rehabilitating addicts as well.

Contact us today – 888-840-7472

We have come a long way, and we shall keep going. This is the process that has worked for us for years. So give us a call, and let’s get started.

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