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Restore Health | What We Offer You 

At Restore Health KY, INC we offer a comprehensive Outpatient Opiate Addiction Treatment Program and Medication-Assisted Therapy program with a strong emphasis on Life Skills Acquisition to anyone who walks through our doors.

We offer a top-rated mental health and substance abuse opiate addiction therapy program that attempts to rehabilitate the complete person by establishing a safer environment for them to assess their entire life. We spread awareness through a range of fun activities, notable keynote influencers, and a range of outreach programs.

Our objectiveSuboxone Treatment – MAT / IOP

Our first mission is to offer all our patients the hope that all can be well even after addiction. We provide life skill lessons that revolve around the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, psychological, and social. We love to see our healed patients making it in life with a happy outlook on life. We strongly believe that it is never over with addiction; it’s just an opportunity to grow into a better person.

These skills are your armor to resist the temptation to fall into the same trap once you are free. They help you become a good decision maker and critical thinker to handle issues better. 

The skills we equip you with 

These are the five categories of the skills we offer you so that you can become productive and happy again:

Essential Life Skills

These lessons mainly focus on you as a person and what you need to survive. We remind you that you can and will take care of yourself again. We help you rebuild that confidence again and teach you techniques that help you stay happy and productive.

These include communication skills, time management, problem-solving, critical thinking, decision-making, emotional intelligence, empathy, psychological resilience, and assertiveness.

Personal Life Skills 

Here, we work on your inside and help you become more self-aware. These skills are mainly focused on what your physical, mental, and emotional health. They are to help you maintain a healthy body and mind.

These skills include resilience, self-control, building confidence, and self-awareness. It also entails anger management, healthy ways to deal with stress, and other ways to take care of your body and mind.

suboxone clinic near meWorkplace Life Skills

These skills come to help you secure a job and keep it. They are negotiation skills, employability skills, leadership skills, organizational skills, and time management. Anything that will help you grow economically, we help you with that as well.

Social Life Skills 

You want to be part of an excellent productive crowd, right! Well, we help with that too by equipping you with healthy social skills. These are like communication skills and resilience skills. We also provide you with the needed judgment techniques to say no when it really matters. 

Relapse Prevention Techniques

Lastly, our relapse prevention techniques help you stay clean after recovery. The benefits without the drug outweigh the use of the drug, and we offer you skills to keep clean. We provide techniques to help you cope better and even get employed, and so much more.

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If you feel that you need that change, we offer you that opportunity at Restore Health.

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